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Ryan Broyles Scouting Report

Ryan Broyles NFL Draft Scouting Report Position: Wide Receiver
School: University of Oklahoma
Class: Senior
Height: 5-10
Weight: 190
Draft Stock: 2nd-3rd Round. Tier 2 WR




I absolutely love Ryan Broyles, and I think that how his draft prospect is being perceived is completeley ridiculous. I think it's laziness on the part of analysts, and just an easy way to knock somebody who's down at the moment. Wes Welker's knee exploded a couple years ago, and I didn't see people saying he was a mediocre receiver, and he is back to 100%. The way modern medicine and surgical procedures have evolved, a Torn A.C.L is nothing like it used to be, and the vast majority of players recover to 100%, especially if they are young like Broyles. So if you believe that he can recover 100% from his knee injury, which most guys do, then it only makes sense to judge him based on what you thought of him pre-injury. Ryan Broyles is the NCAA's All Time receptions leader for a reason. He is about as good as it gets from a route running perspective, very smart and deceptive, and is a guy who just knows how to get open. Broyles also has fantastic hands, and tremendous concentration. He never drops a pass, and will make some unbeleivable catches. People also say he is slow, but that is not true either, granted he is more Quick than Fast, but his 4.5 speed is not a liability by any means. He is a bit undersized, so he is not going to be a #1 Receiver, but I have no doubts he can be a guy that can get you 75+ receptions a season. As I said before, the way people are currently projecting Broyles is stupid, I would feel comfortable taking him early in the 2nd round, and still think he is one of the better receivers in the class. Where he ends up going though, is anybody's guess.


Career Statistics
Year Receptions Receiving Yards TD's
11 83 1,157 10
10 131 1,622 14
09 89 1,120 15
08 46 687 6

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