Patrick Peterson Scouting Report

Position: Cornerback
School: Louisiana State University
Class: Junior
Height: 6-2
Weight: 211
Draft Stock: Top 5




Anybody who follows the site here knows that I can be pretty pessimistic when it comes to scouting players, and could be classified as a "Hater" (See Tim Tebow and Cam Newton). So believe me when I say that Patrick Peterson is every bit as good, if not better, than any cornerback prospect to ever come out of college. You don't see too many 6 foot 2 cornerbacks in the NFL, and many bigger CB's in college are forced to safety at the next level. Reason being, is that taller guys usually have a tougher time getting their hips around and aren't as quick. Not true in the slightest with Peterson. His size at 6'2 211, along with his quick hips make him almost impossible to beat. He possesses athleticism that has very rarely been seen in the NFL, he will likely run the fastest time at this years combine, and combined with his strength and tenacity on the field, he is a terror to go up against. There really are no glaring weaknesses in his game other than him being overly aggressive from time-to-time, and not always giving 100% against the run. But that is easily fixed, and every other skill needed to play in this league, Peterson possesses them all, at an elite level. I really don't mean to gush too much over him, but barring injury, I think he will have his name mentioned with Deion Sanders and Darrell Green when it is all said and done.


Career Statistics
Year Tackles Interceptions Passes Defended
10 42 4 6
09 43 2 13
08 32 1 3

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