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Josh Robinson Interview

One of the stars of the NFL Draft's "Pre-Season", Central Florida Cornerback Josh Robinson is flying up everybody's draft board. He stopped by to talk about his recent success, his NFL future, and the wild mind test a scout put him through at the Combine. You don't want to miss it!

Draft Geek: First off, What did you think of the NFL Combine? Did you enjoy being under such a close microscope.

Josh Robinson Josh Robinson: The process was awesome a great experience! Being under a microscope interviewing for the best job was fine with me! 

Draft Geek:  At the Combine, we always hear about the crazy questions guys get asked in those interviews. What's the weirdest one you've been asked? (And if you can) How did you answer it?

Josh Robinson: Well I wasn't asked any weird questions at the combine, but there was one thing I had to do which was pretty tough. One NFL scout gave me five words to remember, and repeat them to him later whenever he asked me too. Wasn't easy for me, and I believe one of the words was grasshopper.

Draft Geek: What went into your decision to enter the draft early as a Junior?

Josh Robinson: A lot of people ask me this question, and I tell them all, I felt I was ready. After speaking with Coach O'Leary, I told him I felt I was ready for the next level, and had the potential to compete at a High level.

Draft Geek: You really opened a lot of eyes 2 years ago in your guys' bowl game against Georgia. Going toe-to-toe against Superstar WR A.J Green, and really held him in check. What was it like going up against a talent like him, and how were you able to be so effective?

Josh Robinson: It was a great opportunity to play in the Liberty Bowl, to face a team like Georgia, and a great WR like A.J was awesome. Our defense was so pumped to be in a game like that, we had a great game-plan to control Georgia, and we were able to execute it to perfection! 

Draft Geek: As far as Draft "Experts" go, there are wide ranging opinions on your N.F.L Prospects. Where do you think you rank among Cornerbacks in this years draft? Josh Robinson NFL Combine

Josh Robinson: There are some great Corners out there, but I believe I am amongst the top 5 as an overall cornerback prospect. Being able to contribute to any teams success, whether I'm on Special Teams, or Defense.

Draft Geek: What goals have you set out to achieve in the NFL?

Josh Robinson: My first priority is to make the 53 man roster. Once that is achieved then I can go in depth about specific accomplishments.

Draft Geek: What do you feel is your biggest strength, and also, what part of your game do you feel you need to work on the most?

Josh Robinson: I believe everyone has speed at the next level, so I normally don't say that as my strength. So versatility would be my strength, the ability to play nickel, corner, man, zone, blitz, special teams etc. The one thing I am working to improve on is catching the ball. I know I had the opportunity to get my hands on a lot of passes in my career, Thank God. But I feel could have also caught more of those passes.   

Draft Geek: What Current or Former NFL Player do you most compare yourself to, or look up to?

Josh Robinson: I look up to a lot of great Defensive backs, past and present, but one guy I always admired in the way he played the game was, and is, Brian Dawkins. He is the reason I started wearing the #20 way back in little league football. 

Josh Robinson UCFDraft Geek: What is an NFL Franchise going to be getting with Josh Robinson in terms of off the field, and personality?

Josh Robinson: In terms of off the field, a team would be getting a player that's very disciplined, and does the right thing as often as possible. Personality wise I am a Christian, competitor, hard worker, who loves having fun. 

Draft Geek: O.K We'll let you off with a couple soft ones. What are your off-field hobbies when you aren't preparing or training? Anything out of the ordinary?

Josh Robinson: Hanging with my family and friends, I love playing Call of Duty on Xbox360, bowling, fishing, and watching movies.

Draft Geek: What do you do to get yourself ready for Gameday? Any specific meals? Music?

Josh Robinson: Nothing specific, just make sure I pray.

Thanks so much for your time Josh, we really appreciate it! Best wishes on all your pre-draft preparation, and in the draft itself, we're rooting for you!

Follow Josh on Twitter here @20Jrob

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