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Weekend Review!

Jameis Winston

Notre Dame and Florida State played a classic on Saturday night leaving much to be discussed. How do both teams factor into the playoff picture? Which NFL players stood out? And did either Winston or Golson jump into the Heisman discussion?

Leonard Williams 2015 NFL Draft 1) Oakland Raiders
Leonard Williams - DT USC
Randy Gregory 2015 NFL Draft 2) Jacksonville Jaguars
Randy Gregory - DE Nebraska
Marcus Mariota 2015 NFL Draft 3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Marcus Mariota - QB Oregon
Amari Cooper 4) New York Jets
Amari Cooper - WR Alabama
Landon Collins 2015 NFL Draft 5) Washington Redskins
Landon Collins - Safety Alabama
Kyle Fuller
Kyle Fuller and C.J Mosley are neck and neck on the defensive side, while the race for top offensive rookie remains open.
Leonard Williams Mock Draft
There is a new number one in our updated 2015 mock. See who takes the top spot and where all the high profile QBs land.
Todd Gurley 2015 NFL Draft You don't have to be just a Jaguars or Raiders fan to start creating 2015 mock drafts! Create your own one round or multiple round mock draft.