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Deunta Williams Interview

Hard hitting North Carolina Safety Deunta Williams stopped by to talk to us about his career at North Carolina, and his NFL Prospects.

Draft Geek: First off, I wanted to ask how your rehab is going, after suffering that nasty injury last season?

Deunta Williams: Yeah, the injury was pretty nasty man, but I'm doing great with the injury right now. I rehab everyday for about 2 or 3 hours. I'll be back to full strength on June 1.

Draft Geek: I asked Kendric the same question. Last season must have been very frustrating for you, after you all came back, then the NCAA investigation crushed the season, then you got injured. What was the season like for you, and were you able to gain anything from it?

Deunta Williams: This was the hardest season that I've had to play through, but it is also the most proud I've been, of how a team had to come together and depend on one another. This season made me realize again the football is the ultimate team sport. 

Draft Geek: Do you regret your decision to not enter the draft as a Junior?

Deunta Williams: No I don't. I received my degree here from UNC and that was the proudest moment of my life. 

Draft Geek: With the exception of what happened last year. Pretty much everybody from Tar Heel starting defense are NFL Draft Prospects this year. What was it like to play on a defense with so much talent? And do you guys have anything fun planned for the draft?

Deunta Williams: Man its amazing to play with that much talent. That was the reason I came back for my final season. But no, I just want to be with my family for the draft that's about it.

Draft Geek: You weren't able to work out at the combine or your pro-day. But how did the interviews with the teams go? Did they have anything interesting to say?

Deunta Williams: They went very well man, I really wish I could have worked out for the NFL. I feel that I'm one of the more athletic safeties in this class so I definitely wanted to show the world that. 

Draft Geek: Is there a current or former NFL DB that you compare yourself to, or model yourself after?

Deunta Williams: I respect what all the greats do, but my favorite was Sean Taylor. That's who I try to play like as much as possible, laying big hits, and being a ball hawk. 

Draft Geek: Is there any particular NFL player that you are really looking forward to meeting, or playing against?

Deunta Williams: No not really. I want to play against them all. I love to compete so I'm looking forward to checking some of the greats and making plays.

Draft Geek: What goals have you set out to achieve in the NFL?

Deunta Williams: The most important one is to win a Super bowl. The others are to make Pro Bowls and be dominant at my position.

Draft Geek: What do you consider to be your greatest strength on the field, and what would you most like to improve on?

Deunta Williams: I can improve on all of my skills. My strengths are my football IQ, and aggressive attitude once the ball is in the air.

Draft Geek: What is an NFL Franchise going to be getting with Deunta Williams in terms of off the field, and personality?

Deunta Williams: I believe that I'm a good guy. I'm not flashy, I'm very laid back and low key, so they don't have to worry about me getting into any trouble. 

Draft Geek: Alright, I'll let you off with a couple fun ones. What are you doing on gameday to get yourself fired up?

Deunta Williams: To be honest man, I just like to relax until right before its go time. Then I gotta turn on some music to get me in the right mind set. You gotta be ready to go to war, ya no?

Draft Geek: OK, final one. Which are you most looking forward to about being an NFL Player?

Deunta Williams: I love competition so I'm looking forward to competing against the best the world have to offer and see how I compare to them. 

Draft Geek: Thank you so much for your time Deunta. It was an excellent interview. We wish you the best at the draft, and your future in the league!